The Challenges Ahead

South Australia is an amazing place to live, with a vibrant culture and a wonderful community

But the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how vulnerable we are.

Privatisation and underinvestment have left our public health system struggling to cope and our economy, narrowly based and fragile, is failing to provide the high quality and secure jobs we need for us and our children.

Our Jobs

Over one third of South Australians are faced with income and job insecurity.

Every day, many of us face the stress and worry about how we’ll put food on the table, or pay this week’s rent. We must do better.

We need secure jobs we can rely on, so we can take care of our families, take out a loan or buy our first home.

The quality of our jobs depends on the strength of our economy, and in these volatile times, the future of South Australia’s economy is uncertain.

We need investment in high quality education and training that will prepare us for the jobs of the future.

We need long term investment in renewable industries, high technology manufacturing and other emerging industries that will deliver good quality secure jobs for all South Australians.

Our Health

South Australians deserve a world class health care system that’s there when we need it and is built to protect us in times of crisis.

Rampant underinvestment and funding cuts have left us a health system which is unable to manage current demand and will not cope with the health crises of the future.

Our incredible doctors, nurses and paramedics are being put under great stress by a health system that’s let them down with ambulance ramping, poor staff to patient ratios and a slow COVID-19 vaccine roll-out.

Radical privatisation, which puts profits before people, has eroded our health system’s capacity to provide us with the care we need.

Our Future

We deserve a strong plan for our economy that delivers good jobs today and provides our children with the same opportunities we’ve been given.

In a volatile world, South Australia has no plan to secure our future.

We have no plan to deliver good quality jobs now or into the future.

No plan to invest in the education and training we’ll need to transform our economy.

No plan to support local manufacturing and local jobs growth.

No plan to tackle gender inequality or to address climate change.

We deserve a strong plan to make our community better and to secure our future. 

Let’s get there, together.

Meeting these challenges effectively will require a lot of hard work, energy and commitment.

But we’ll only get there if we work together.

Join for a better future for all South Australians

When you sign up, we’ll provide you with ways that you can take action, and become involved in the campaign to make South Australia better, for us and our children.  


South Australians deserve a prosperous, healthy and bright future.

We deserve secure, good quality jobs so we can take care of our families and plan for tomorrow.

Join for a better future for all South Australians

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